Relevant Projects

Process Integration

IUNGO Integration

SAP PI 7.3

Integrated the standard SAP solution with IUNGO, an online SRM system using PI scenarios SOAP to IDoc and ABAP Proxy. The interfaces covered requirements forecasting, purchase orders, scheduling agreements and goods receipts, along with a management and error handling cockpit.

Travel Management

Travel Management

SAP Workflow

Led the development team in the maintenance project. The solution was based on several custom workflows using the travel request object and exchanged documents with a travel agency using SOAP to ABAP Proxy PI scenarios.

Hiring Request Approval

Hiring Request

SAP Workflow

Designed a custom SAP Workflow for the hiring request approval process, where the actors could approve or reject a request from their Outlook Inbox. The custom BOR object created HTML approval emails that performed actions on a BSP application handling the agent identification, database update and the event triggering.

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